Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lower Back Tattoos First Became Popular In The 1990s


Lower back tattoos first became popular in the 1990s, when crop tops and half shirts were in style. Girls realized that not only were they perfect to show off their newest tats, but that tattooing the lower back highlighted a curvy and feminine part of the body perfectly. Sexy lower back tattoos for girls are still very much in style, and they are great to show off at the beach or wherever you go!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tattoo Body Art Design Ideas

You should do a lot of research on what you want and why you want it because tattoo body art designs should mean something and you should be proud of your tattoos/body art.

Interests When choosing a tattoo body art design you need to think about getting one that shows your interests. This will make the tattoo more personalized and show everyone what you are interested in. Location The placement of a tattoo image affects its meaning not to mention its aesthetic quality. The placement of your tattoo will add to its meaning and have an effect on the design. Some tattoo body art designs are meant to be secret for many reasons so you would put the tattoo in a non easily visible place to only be shared with whom you chose.

There are a look of good places to go on the web to find quality designs

Executive Summary By Phil Rorrer 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Evil Fairy Tattoo

Evil Fairy Tattoo evil fairy design may be a great accessory for the right person but, it is a good idea to consider carefully that its something you want to wear in the long term, after all once its on you it can be hard and expensive to get rid of later. Perhaps an evil fairy tattoo may not appeal that well on you. It might be an idea to first try temporary evil fairy tattoos first to help you

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fairy Tattoo Design Girl

Fairy Tattoo Design at Girl Lower BackWho told you that fairies can only be seen in fairy tale and fiction books? Who told you also that fairies can only exist in your mere imagination? In these modern times, fairies can also be seen printed onto your skin. This really sounds so impossible at first but if you are just going to think of it, fairies printed onto the skin simply refers to tattoos

Monday, August 8, 2011

Angel Tattoo Designs

Designs of Angel TattooAngel tattoo are popular because of the beautiful design. Both men and women choose angle tattoo. Angel tattoos are seen to represent serenity and calmness for women. For men, most of them think that angel tattoo represent a connection with the higher self. There are various angel tattoo designs. The design can be beautiful winged angels. Some angels are floating or sitting

Fairy Angel Tattoo Design

Fairy Angel Tattoo DesignHaving a tattoo is all about giving yourself your own unique identity. Tattoos are formed effectively by marking the skin with colors em-placed by a needle, a tattoo can in some cases can be basic to an art depending on the personality of the individual and/or if the tattoo is wanted for personal/cultural reasons, leaving an image or logo on their skin. This fairy angel 

Butterfly tattoo rib sexy girls

Butterfly tattoo rib sexy girls, Photo tattoo design

beautiful celebrity women tattoos sexy girls

beautiful celebrity tattoosbeautiful celebrity tattoosbeautiful celebrity tattoosbeautiful celebrity tattoos
beautiful celebrity tattoos

Lower Back Tattoo Popular, World Of Warcraft Tattoo

Lower Back Tattoo Popular, World Of Warcraft Tattoo

Angel Wing Tattoo Women Design

angel wings tattoo designsangel wings tattoo designs
angel wings tattoo designs