Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrity Copy Cat Tattoos Rihanna Tattoo

Rihanna Tattoo

If you remember correctly Rihanna has a Shhh...tattoo on her right index finger. tattoo on their right index finger. It seems that Lindsay and her new bff Lily Allen were hanging out at Chateau Marmont Wednesday night and decided to go to Shamrock Tattoos in West Hollywood and get some fresh ink. The two girls walked out of the tattoo parlor with matching Shhh...tattoos on their right index fingers. However, numerous people could say that they copied Rihanna. tattoos for a long while now.

When it comes to tattoos you don't need to copy somebody else's tattoos. Their tattoo is special to them in their own little way. So you should not deliberately go out and copy somebody else's tattoo. Keep your tattoos designs unique and personal to your life and your experiences. Which if you know anything about tattoos you know alcohol and tattoos are a bad mix.

Rihanna Tattoo

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