Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top Temporary Tattoo Designs

There are about a million of temporary tattoo designs out there. No one in his right frame of mind will sit down and count all the fake tattoo designs. More and more designs are being put out everyday. This is because a lot of people are ordering customized designs. With millions of designs, it's easy to wonder why these fake tattoo designs are the most popular. Ribbons

A ribbon is a very simple design and yet, a lot of people order them. There's also the blue ribbon that helps fight child abuse. There are also more complicated designs like the US flag shaped like a ribbon to show support for the troops. Chinese characters

People wear them for fun. Some popular characters are heart, courage and power.


There's nothing more "old school" when it comes to temporary tattoo designs than designs of flowers. A good manufacturer can "boast" of their 4 color process by putting out temporary tattoos with detailed flower designs. Animals

Animal designs are also very popular because a lot of teams use them. We also know that sporting teams love to use fake tattoos to help raise team spirit. These are just some of the most popular temporary tattoo designs. If not, then you can choose from the millions of available designs out there.

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