Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tattoo Lettering For Girls

Tattoo lettering for girls is very popular. This art selection typically contains derivatives from the phonetic alphabet or the English alphabet-also known as the Latin alphabet or the Roman alphabet. This means that symbols are used as representations of the tattoo lettering forgirls. In the English alphabet, there are twenty six letters which each represent a phoneme. There are two versions of the English alphabet as well as the Latin alphabet which are used simultaneously. The first of this is the uppercase lettering, or capitalized lettering which is referred to as majuscule. The second is the lower case lettering referred to as miniscule. When the alphabet for the lettering for girls features both forms, it is referred to as bicameral.

For Chinese and Japanese Kanji, a single symbol might be all that you want for your tattoo lettering for girls. Tattoo lettering for girls is actually a font in and of itself, designed by a Canadian by the name of Daniel Gauthier. This man also designed the Chinese Stop Watch as well as the Chang Chang fonts. No matter the font or the colours, tattoo lettering for girls can be a solid colour or an open outline which is then filled with another design or colours.

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