Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maori Tattoo Art and Traditional Maori Tattoos

Maori tattoo art and traditional Maori tattoos are so incredibly unique; these particular traditional maori tattoos have their own identity and meaning among the Polynesian culture. Maori is a tribe that came from Polynesia to New Zealand. Maori tattoo art is beautiful, bold and painful! The Maori tattoos consist of multiple designs placed over the entire body. Most Maori people will place these beautiful designs on their face, buttocks and legs. In the Maori language, these beautiful tattoos are called "Ta Moko" in the Maori tribe, which means to strike or tap. Traditional Maori tattoos are carved into the skin with a small chisel instead of punctured into the skin by a needle like we see now.

The Maori men generally have these designs tattooed over their entire body. The Maori women generally are tattooed on the lips, chin, back and neck. Maori tattoo art and Maori traditional tattoos is still very much a common practice and gaining greater popularity in New Zealand today and many celebrities have adorned themselves these tattoos.

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